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Fleet Car Servicing

Fleet car servicing

Mobi-Tune can help if you’re looking for comprehensive fleet car servicing that will keep your business on the move. We’ll come direct to your location of choice to perform all types of work for total convenience. Our fleet management solutions provide peace of mind to busy operations that rely on vehicles to get from A to B. Look to us for a friendly and professional service that will never let you down.

What we offer

Mobi-Tune offers fixed prices on fleet car servicing, providing customers with great value for money. Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, we can assist with all of your vehicle needs to ensure that everything runs as it should. We understand the importance of reliability, and we work hard to help in times of need. With regular maintenance performed by our expert hands, you’ll never have to worry about costly breakdowns or delays again.

Our fleet car servicing offers:

  • Convenience – Our team can work on vehicles at your location of choice, be it an office, worksite or anything else. This means your staff won’t be required to drive to a mechanic and waste valuable time throughout the day. Mobi-Tune is always efficient and has the expertise to handle any problem.
  • Fixed prices – We provide fixed prices for all work along with itemised quotes prior to getting started. This means that you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying, without any hidden surprises along the way.
  • New vehicle warranty protection – Mobi-Tune can service your new vehicle under the manufacturer’s log book and stamp your log book as proof of the service being performed.
  • Reminders – Keeping track of what needs to be done is easy thanks to our reminder system. You’ll be notified when work is required for total convenience.
  • Servicing history – We record all work that is carried out so no duplications or errors are made.
  • Proactive maintenance – The team at Mobi-Tune can provide recommendations as to what should be done to improve performance and prevent issues from occurring down the track.

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Get in touch with us to find out more about our fleet car servicing options. Mobi-Tune provides a reliable and professional service throughout Perth that is perfect for businesses of all sizes, including government agencies.

Need help with pre-purchase vehicle inspections? We can help with those too.

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