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Car Suspension Service in Joondalup

From bushes to springs, shocks and steering components we can do it all. Mobi-Tune provides a mobile mechanic service to car owners throughout Perth that is convenient, prompt and affordable. Our expert team will come straight to you and carry out a wide range of services, including car suspension work and more. We understand the importance of your time and want to ensure that you don’t have to disrupt a busy schedule just to get to the mechanic. That’s why we make things simple and come to the location of your choosing to perform whatever work needs to be done. 

The importance of suspension checks

Regular suspension checks are important and will keep your car running at its best. Our experts can assess your vehicle and detect any faults to determine the best course of action. From there, we will complete all repair work as necessary or replace components that are no longer operational. This type of work is essential for improving control on the road and smoothing out your ride. 

A car’s suspension is responsible for maximising friction between the tyres and the road so that you have good steering and stability. The problem is that over time, components can deteriorate and this can compromise driver control and safety. This will also create more strain on other parts of your car, which can lead to costly headaches down the track. 

Suspension issues to look out for:

  • Steering difficulty
  • A bumpy driving experience on the road
  • Car pulling to one side or the other while driving
  • One corner feeling lower than others
  • Rolling or leaning 

About Mobi-Tune

We offer a convenient car suspension service to customers throughout Perth that will save you valuable time throughout the week. Our team understands the importance of busy schedules and that’s why we come straight to you. Look to us for professional and reliable mechanics that can help with all your car concerns and troubles. 

Book a car suspension service

If you need expert assistance with your car suspension, but can’t get to a regular mechanic, then make a booking with Mobi-Tune. You’ll be more than impressed by the level of service that we offer. 

Our experts also do engine reconditioning and mobile tune ups

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